The Hudson Project includes the following major components:

Hudson River Landfall, New Jersey

  • Connection to PJM Grid: The Project is connected to the PJM grid at the PSE&G Bergen Substation in Ridgefield, New Jersey by means of a 230 kV AC circuit.
  • Back-to-Back AC-DC-AC Converter Station: A back-to-back AC-DC-AC converter station was constructed at 1 Railroad Avenue in Ridgefield, New Jersey.
  • Upland Cable (New Jersey): From the converter station, a 345 kV circuit was installed underground. The upland power line in New Jersey traverses approximately 3.0 miles from the converter station to the Hudson River landfall in Edgewater, New Jersey.
  • New Jersey Cable Landfall: In Edgewater, the power line enters the Hudson River at the southwestern corner of the Edgewater Commons Shopping Center parking lot. Prior to entering the Hudson River, the Upland Cable transitions to Submarine Cable in an underground Transition Vault constructed within the parking lot.
  • Submarine Cable: The submarine cable extends approximately three-and-a-half miles south to the New York City landfall point, and is buried below the river bottom a minimum of 10 feet in areas outside the limits of Federal Navigation Channels and a minimum of 15 feet below river bottom within Federal Navigation Channels.
  • New York City Cable Landfall: In Manhattan, the cable exits the Hudson River between Piers 92 and 94. The Submarine Cable transitions to Upland Cable at a point on W 52nd Street, just east of 12th Avenue (West Side Highway).
  • Upland Cable (New York City): From the transition point, the cable system is installed under the eastern sidewalk of 12th Avenue to the Con Edison W 49th Street Substation.

New York City Cable Route

In addition, the Project includes extensive upgrades and reinforcements to the existing transmission system in New Jersey as a condition of interconnection with PJM. These upgrades, valued at nearly $180 million dollars, are of long-term benefit to system reliability in New Jersey at no cost to New Jersey ratepayers (see Benefits for more information about these upgrades).

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