Owners and Investors

Founding Partners

HTP is comprised of three entities in partnership: Hudson Power Ventures, LLC; Anbaric Power, LLC; and Triton Partners, LLC.Hudson Power Ventures is managed by Ed Stern, who is president and CEO of PowerBridge, LLC and of PowerBridge companies HTP and Neptune RTS. Anbaric Power is managed by Edward Krapels, also a founding partner of Neptune. Triton Partners LLC is owned by current and former members of the Portland, Maine law firm of Curtis Thaxter; these individuals also own most of the shares of a founding partner of Neptune.

Principal Investors

Argo Infrastructure Partners (“Argo”) is an independent fund manager that invests in high-quality regulated, contracted and concessioned infrastructure assets, targeting returns through sustainable cash yields. Argo is dedicated to the good stewardship of its managed assets over their long-term horizons. Argo currently manages several US$ billions of capital on behalf of institutional investors. Argo’s managed assets include multiple power generation and transmission assets, city utilities and energy storage assets. For more information please visit www.argoip.com.

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