Owners and Investors

Founding Partners

HTP is comprised of three entities in partnership: Hudson Power Ventures, LLC; Anbaric Power, LLC; and Triton Partners, LLC.

Hudson Power Ventures is managed by Ed Stern, who is president and CEO of PowerBridge, LLC and of PowerBridge companies HTP and Neptune RTS. Anbaric Power is managed by Edward Krapels, also a founding partner of Neptune. Triton Partners LLC is owned by current and former members of the Portland, Maine law firm of Curtis Thaxter; these individuals also own most of the shares of a founding partner of Neptune.

Principal Investors

Starwood Energy Group Global, LLC, an affiliate of Starwood Capital Group Global, LLC, focuses predominately on energy infrastructure investments, with a focus on natural gas and renewable power generation, and transmission assets, principally in North America. Starwood Energy Group manages total equity commitments in excess of $2 billion, and has executed transactions totaling more than $4 billion in enterprise value, including the Neptune Project.

Ares Management/EIF Group manages private equity funds that have made over 100 diversified investments with a combined underlying asset value exceeding $15 billion. EIF, which in 2015 was acquired by a subsidiary of Ares Management, L.P. (NYSE:ARES), was founded in 1987 as Energy Investors Fund, the first private equity fund manager to invest in the power sector. It was one of the principal investors in the Neptune Regional Transmission project and is a principal investor in the Hudson Transmission project, as well as numerous other generation and transmission assets in the United States.

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